Message from the Chair

  1. J. Allan Tucker, MD

  2. Louise L. Locke

  3. Professor and  Chair

Welcome to the University of South Alabama Department of Pathology. The University of South Alabama College of Medicine is a smaller school where individuals matter and where education remains the primary focus of the institution. In the department, a traditional, semester-long pathology course continues to be offered, including laboratory exercises with microscopes and real slides. Medical students have most frequently selected the course over the years as the best basic sciences course. For the residency program, the department strives to provide a high quality educational experience in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Opportunities for research are provided, and most residents present at national meetings during the course of their residency. Recognizing, however, that most residents enter community practice, the department has partnered with a large private group to afford the residents the opportunity to rotate in a community practice environment during their more senior years to gain real world experience. Our residents have been highly successful in obtaining excellent fellowships and permanent positions. The faculty all have a common interest in teaching, and on behalf of all the faculty, thank you for your interest in the department.

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Department of Pathology
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