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University of South Alabama

Located at the USA Medical Center, in a facility shared by the medical center and the state is a division of the State Department of Forensic Sciences. This building houses the offices of the medical examiner and supporting services in forensic serology, trace evidence, ballistics, and toxicology.

Teaching facilities are located on each hospital campus and in the Medical Sciences Building on the main university campus in West Mobile.


University of South Alabama
Medical Center

2451 Fillingim Street
Mobile, AL 36617

(251) 471-7000


University of South Alabama
Children’s and Women’s Hospital

1700 Center Street
Mobile, AL 36604
(251) 415-1000


Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
5 Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
Mobile, AL 36607

(251) 435-2400



Our program offers residency training in a full spectrum of practice settings:

The University of South Alabama (USA) is a major referral center for the Gulf Coast and is especially noted for its trauma center and high risk intensive care nursery. It currently includes an acute care hospital, the USA Medical Center, and the USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital; combined, these two hospitals are licensed for over 550 beds. Each facility has its own clinical laboratory, and these facilities provide a core experience in anatomic pathology involving about 11,000 surgical pathology specimens and over 10,000 cytopathology specimens per year.

Senior residents (3rd and 4th year) have the opportunity to rotate with the private pathology group at Mobile Infirmary, a 704 bed acute care hospital with a much higher surgical pathology volume, augmenting the residency experience.

The University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute that was recently opened includes some of the leading cancer specialists (medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists) in the nation.  They work closely with local and regional hospitals and physicians so patients have access to the latest cancer treatments without leaving the area. The research carried on at USAMCI is intended to accelerate the translation of new knowledge into novel therapies and diagnostic tools.

USA Mitchell Cancer Institute

1660 Springhill Avenue

Mobile, Alabama 36604

(251) 460-7307


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