Residency Benefits

Stipends for 7/1/2015 - 6/30/2016:
PGY 1 - $48,795

PGY 2 - $50,500

PGY 3 - $52,154

PGY 4 - $54,590

PGY 5 - $56,449

PGY 6 - $59,182


Moving/Relocation Allowance

Residents relocating to Mobile are allowed a moving allowance of $2.00 per mile with a cap of $1,200.00.  Mileage should be turned into the Residency Coordinator to be processed through the Housestaff Office


Life Insurance

•Term life insurance, provided at no cost, includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage

•Includes coverage for spouse and eligible dependents


Health and Dental

Housestaff and their immediate family are offered a shared-cost health and dental care plan through a university affiliated health and dental maintenance organization during their employment.  For additional information regarding the health and dental plan contact the Office of Personnel Relations at 251-460-6133


Professional Liability Coverage

Coverage is provided by the University of South Alabama at no cost to residents. (applies only to professional activities scheduled by the Residency Program Director).  This is an occurrence type policy and by definition provides "tail coverage"


Preventive Health Program

•Hepatitis B immunization is provided at no cost to residents

•Varicella immunization is provided at no cost to residents who have not had chickenpox


Disability Insurance

Comprehensive long term disability insurance is provided at no cost


Educational Tools

Residents are provided with a library of Pathology textbooks at the beginning of their first year, along with an iPad equipped with educational apps. The department funds attendance at national meeting in which the resident is presenting; as well as a national review course for fourth year residents, in preparation for taking their boards.


Parking is provided at no charge at USA Hospitals and is convenient located



Upon employment and with each anniversary, each resident is granted 4 weeks (20 days) paid vacation leave per 12 month year. For vacation purposes, each week excludes weekends and is considered to be 5 days.  Additional information regarding the vacation policy can be found in the GME Policy and Procedure Manual

Sick Leave

Upon employment and with each anniversary, each resident is granted 12 days paid sick leave per 12 month year.  Additional information regarding the policy on sick leave can be found in the GME Policy and Procedure Manual


Leave of Absence (Family, Medical, Military, Administrative or On the Job Injury)

Information regarding the policies on Leaves of Absence can be found in the GME Policy and Procedure Manual 


Effect of Leave of Absence on Completion of Residency

The amount of time taken for leave(s) of absence will be added to the expected completion date for the residency program


Lab Coats

Three lab coats and three sets of scrubs are provided at the beginning of the first year of training; one lab coat or set of scrubs is provided in each subsequent year of training

Financial Support

USA Hospitals and the College of Medicine provides direct financial assistance to the departments in support of resident education

Bookstore Discounts

10% discount on books and supplies with ID card


Tuition Reimbursement

Partial tuition reimbursement on college courses for self, spouse, and children at the University of South Alabama is provided after six months of employment


Recreational Facilities

Residents have use of the Recreation Center, tennis court, and swimming pool at the University of South Alabama Main Campus



Discounts on University of South Alabama athletic events and musical and theatrical productions.

More information about  GME Policies and Benefits.

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